Restoration Counseling

Helping you on the journey to restoration

Sometimes the journey of life becomes difficult for everyone. Maybe your feeling overwhelmed or depressed. It’s our passion to help you set goals to restore your life back to a healthier place.


I understand some of the challenges you may face and the individualized needs you might have. It is my passion to help others reach their personal goals as they journey towards a healthier life.

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We Really
Care About Your Recovery

I aim to help others reach their personal goals as they journey to a healthier life.

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Trauma Therapy


Therapy services that are provided via video or other telecommunication options.  You receive the same high level of treatment that you would in a face-to-face setting, however this is designed to accommodate a busy schedule, and any reason why in-person sessions are not convenient.


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Takisha A. Booker



Takisha A. Booker

Every individual is different and we all have our own unique challenges, therefore I focus on helping each person set their own goals to overcome those challenges. My practice aims to provide professional counseling services that fit the needs of the client.

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Our Services

restoration therapy

Individual Counseling

Therapy that is designed to help an individual address their concerns or issues in a one-on-one setting with the therapist which, is helpful in reaching their goals and individualized needs.
family therapy

Marriage and Relationship Counseling

Therapy that is designed to help improve romantic relationships between couples by enhancing their coping, communication, and problem solving skills.

family therapy

Family Counseling

Counseling services that are provided for the family unit, designed to assist with any issues that may be causing conflict or disconnection within the family.

Trauma Therapy

Therapy that is provided for individuals that have experienced a traumatizing event. This treatment aims to address the affects that the client may be experiencing.

Trauma Therapy

Grief Therapy

Grief therapy is often associated with the death of a loved one but it can include any type of loss such as; divorce, custody battles, losing a job or a major life change.

Group Therapy

A form of psychotherapy in which a group of people with a similar issue meet in one setting for treatment by one or more therapists.

Addiction Therapy

Addiction Therapy

Therapy designed to treat clients with addiction issues. Addiction is defined as the condition of being connected to a particular substance, thing, or activity in an unhealthy manner.
trauma therapy

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